[Exim-users] Multihomed server: static route for outgoing SMTP connection from Exim

dawnshade h-k на mail.ru
Ср Мар 12 11:54:38 UTC 2014

|interface|Use: smtp|Type: string list*|Default: unset|
This option specifies which interface to bind to when making an outgoing SMTP
call. The value is an IP address, not an interface name such as "eth0". Do not
confuse this with the interface address that was used when a message was
received, which is in $received_ip_address, formerly known as
$interface_address. The name was changed to minimize confusion with the
outgoing interface address. There is no variable that contains an outgoing
interface address because, unless it is set by this option, its value is
During the expansion of the interface option the variables $host and
$host_address refer to the host to which a connection is about to be made
during the expansion of the string. Forced expansion failure, or an empty
string result causes the option to be ignored. Otherwise, after expansion, the
string must be a list of IP addresses, colon-separated by default, but the
separator can be changed in the usual way. For example:
interface = <; ; 3ffe:ffff:836f::fe86:a061
The first interface of the correct type (IPv4 or IPv6) is used for the outgoing
connection. If none of them are the correct type, the option is ignored. If 
interface is not set, or is ignored, the system's IP functions choose which
interface to use if the host has more than one.

Среда, 12 марта 2014, 13:44 +02:00 от Alexandr Usov <blessendor на gmail.com>:
>На моем сервере FreeBSD - 2 внешних IP (два ISP).
>Там же работает Exim.
>Основной IP попал в блеклисты (подобрали или своровали пароль одного из юзеров и слали три дня выходных спам через наш сервер).
>Есть ли способ, не меняя гейт по-умолчанию, задать Exim-у выходить через второй внешний интерфейс?
>Правилами pf (используемый на сервере в качестве firewall) пока не получается.
>pass in quick route-to { $isp1 $isp1_gw } inet proto tcp from to any port { 25, 465, 578 } keep state
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